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The Biggest Money Influencers Are Revealed

Money influencers are important guides in our financial journeys. A money influencer will help you with spending habits, choosing the best credit cards, and paying down debts.

Influencers exist because we want to look up to someone. But the biggest money influencers don’t have certifications or licenses and we're loyal to them. Why?

The biggest money influencers are our parents.

My earliest memory of money is begging to stop at a fast-food restaurant. My mom would ask, ‘You got any McDonald’s money?’ which was her way of saying that if I didn't pay, we weren’t going.

I can’t tell you if my parents gave me an allowance or explained how to use a budget. Sorry mom, I don’t remember if we discussed any of this. Yet my parents established my money mindset.

And your parents established your money mindset.

In Chapter 2 of Living Boujee & Balanced, Raquel explains a money mindset as the driving force in our daily interactions with money. Do you see why I said our parents are money influencers? If our parents were good with money or bad with money, their money relationship affects how we interact with money.

“How your parents talked to you about money growing up, mattered. How they spoke to one another about money mattered. How they acted when they did or didn't have money mattered.” Chapter 5, Living Boujee & Balanced

Isn’t that unfair? Maybe. Let’s look at a few examples:

AS A CHILD, I see my mom only use cash at the store

AS AN ADULT, I don’t understand credit cards and misuse them

AS A CHILD, I see my dad work multiple jobs

AS AN ADULT, I feel uncomfortable unless I work 70+ hours a week

Those examples are not positive or negative; they show us that our relationship with money is not simple.

Our parents’ relationships with money are not simple.

Think about this: If you refuse to pay a credit card bill, you could not tell the company that you won’t pay the bill because of your mom. You can say that, but you won't get the reaction you want.

The credit card company will assume you meant your mom used the card and label this as fraud because you are responsible for this account.

If the credit card company won't accept this reason, you shouldn't either.

As adults, we can create better relationships with money.

In this book, Raquel challenges us to write our first memories of money and debt, then find ways to improve our money mindsets.

Purchase and read Living Boujee & Balanced. It's time to acknowledge that our parents (probably) ruined our relationship with money and improve our money mindset.

In Living Boujee & Balanced, Raquel will teach us to improve our relationship with money so we can stop side-eyeing our parents.

While you’re waiting for the book to arrive, share your first money memory in the comments.


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