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Jumpstart Your 2022 Money Mindset

Talking about money in January can be difficult. Either we overspent during the holidays or we couldn't afford to spend enough on everyone.

Are you proud to look at your bank account right now?

My bank account is ugly because I used too many food delivery apps. I'm not proud of choosing takeout over grocery shopping, but it happened. Why does money affect our feelings and moods?

Every money decision, small or large, comes from our money mindset.

Have you heard of a money mindset? "A money mindset is the driving force in your daily interactions with money. It’s how you behave when you have money and/or when you have access to it."

That quote is from Raquel's book, Living Boujee & Balanced, page 35. I must admit, it sounds pretty simple; a money mindset is a driving force in our interactions with money.

Soooo, our money mindset is that pit in our stomachs when someone talks to us about money?

Money mindset affects the traditions we keep, like never putting our purses on the floor because it is bad luck and we will become broke? Our money mindset controls everything, but we've never heard of it.

I was shocked to learn that I had a money mindset.

I know two things about money:

  • I am happy when I look at my banking apps and have money and

  • I avoid my banking apps when I overspend on the weekend.

That's it; those are the feelings and behaviors I have about money. Learning that those feelings and behaviors are my money mindset was mind-blowing! I didn't know that there was a phrase for this and that I would learn to master my money mindset. So how do we change our money mindsets and understand our money mindsets?

Jumpstart your money mindset with the Living Boujee & Balanced book.

You jumpstart a car because the car battery died and the dead battery needs a boost of energy. To jumpstart a car, you connect a functioning car (or battery booster) to the dead battery and exchange energy. Congrats, we are now auto mechanics.

But seriously, we can similarly jumpstart our money mindsets with the Living Boujee & Balanced book.

Raquel has a functioning budget and understands her money mindset. Raquel wrote a book that explains how we can master our money mindset and the book can be used to exchange energy into our old and tired money mindsets.

When we know better, we will do better.

We can use the book Living Boujee & Balanced as the functioning, running car and let Raquel’s financial experiences and words give us a boost of energy.

Okay, so I think we all understand this car analogy. :)

Chapter 2 of Living Boujee & Balanced is easy to read and simply explains why our money mindset is important and why we must master it. Grab the book and read it along with me.

Let’s handle our money better in 2022.

Every blog this month will discuss our money mindset and how to improve it.

Let’s master our money mindsets together, starting with understanding that we have a money mindset.

See you next week, Kyla


The Boujee Banker
The Boujee Banker
Jan 09, 2022

Such a good blog post Kyla! Let’s get the ladies together! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💖💖


Unknown member
Jan 09, 2022

Yasss!!!! Love it Kyla!!! That’s so true… to know better is to do better and we can all plug our jumper cables up to one another to change the way our generation deals with money!!!

The Boujee Banker
The Boujee Banker
Jan 09, 2022
Replying to

Yes ma’am! Kyla is on it with the blogs!! Be sure to stay tuned in! And thank you for reading the blog!!!!

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