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Hey Yall...Hey!

Back Story

My real name is Raquel, I have an undergrad in Criminal Justice, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. I've owned two brick and mortar businesses (both a daycare and women's only gym.) Even with my varying levels of success I found that a car accident would push me into my true passion.


Within a moment my income came to a complete halt. I watched my business expenses pile on heavily and my bank account dwindle to nothing.  So here we were a family of 5 living off 1 source of mid-low level income.  Having 3 kids, and little income made money tight...VERY TIGHT.....I'm talking STRUGGLING. We were broke. 


Budgeting saved my household and learning to invest secured our family's financial future. 


I began helping others learn to budget, save, and invest their money. However, It wasn't until I became  a banker, that I gained a true understanding for how serious the financial literacy crisis is within our communities. There are so many people living negative paycheck to negative paycheck. It was at this point that I realized, I can't just preach to people about the importance of investing...when they do not have anything to invest.


I never thought I would become an investor. Mainly, because I am a creative thinker and not an analytical one. However, I was determined to step into a new level of money. I wanted to learn how to have income that would grow in the background while I focused on being an entrepreneur. Even though, I owned businesses and was a true hustler, becoming an investor would introduce me to a completely new way of money.  It's amazing how life can change. We now have well versed portfolios in stocks, etf's, and cryptocurrencies.


I now have the pleasure to live life doing something I truly love. Having spoken to audiences both nationally and internationally. I teach classes, speak at universities, and corporate events. I currently mentor groups of women in the US and United Kingdom educating, inspiring, and challenging  millenial women to create effective budgets, save for the future, invest for retirement and hold them accountable during that journey. 

Wanna Get To Know Me Some More?

  1. I'm 33 

  2. Mom of 3

  3. My Favorite color is that pink blushy, salmon color.

  4. I'm either bubbly or bossy. 

  5. I cannot dance. But, house music makes me feel like I can.

  6. When I cook, I talk in a British accent. Makes my food feel fancy 

  7. Slime was created to ruin carpets, clothes, and happy homes

  8. I'm a journal junkie. I just collect them..knowing I don't need them. 

  9. I watch Dr. Pimple...and have no explanation for myself. 

  10. Last one, I'm Monica Geller competitive. (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference)  

Mommies Babies

These girls inspire and motivate me daily to keep pushing. All I strive for is to be an amazing role model, establish generational wealth, and show them that girls can be bosses too!  

The Boujee Budgeter
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