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Money Mindset Self-Discovery Book 

Learn How To Repair Your Relationship With Money And Get Your Finances On Track!

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Living Boujee & Broke Is Not Cute Sis

This book is a self discovery journey into...

❶ Targeting your money mindset
❷ Identifying your money triggers
❸ Creating healthy financial boundaries &
❹ Shifting your money mindset for success

Learn How Women Are Taking Control of Their Finances With this book! 

Former banker and mother of 3 has helped women all over the world stop living paycheck to paycheck. Now, it's your turn!

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The reason most people struggle with money is because they try to slap on a "financial band-aid", known as a budget, to fix problems in a couple of weeks that have taken them a lifetime to create.

I wrote this book because it's time for us to remove the band-aid, dig deep, and heal the underlying relationship with money that we tend to ignore. Then we can focus on the numbers.

Raquel "The Boujee Banker" 

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Are you currently living paycheck to paycheck?
Roughly 64% of Millennials are living paycheck to paycheck.
Stop living like this!
This Book Will Teach You How To:

❶ Target your money mindset
❷ Identify your money triggers
❸ Create healthy financial boundaries 
❹ Shift your money mindset for success
Get your signed copy today for only...
It's time you got serious about your finances. 
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Check Out What Women Around The World Are Saying....

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Not sure how to stop stressing about money?

Learn how hundreds of women have learned to navigate their financial stress.

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In this economy every dollar counts. I'll show you how to completely restructure your mindset around money so you can gain control over your finances, reach your savings goals, pay down debts, and get to where you want to be financially

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