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The Secret To Wealth (That You've Never Heard)

I am a BIG fan of secrets. I can't keep secrets, but I love secrets when they can turn into surprises for me.

I love surprises. Surprise me with cakes, cookies, dinner reservations... anything with food and I'll enjoy the surprise.

But everyone is holding a secret about money and Raquel wants to tell you about it.

There will be a good surprise at the end.

Are you ready?

Okay, here we go...

Your money mindset is the secret to becoming wealthy.

Whew! It feels good to say that out loud.

Let me say that another way: The secret to becoming wealthy is found in your money mindset.

This is a good surprise for us because we are learning about money mindsets. Money mindset is the driving force in your daily interactions with money. So we can become wealthy with our daily interactions with money. That’s easy (right?)!

Not really, but there is a master plan to understand our money mindsets.

Here's the plan:

When you control your money mindset, you control your interactions with money.

Your interactions with money determine how you budget, save and invest money.

The way you budget, save and invest money, determines your wealth.

That's it. That’s as scary as it gets.

Controlling our interactions with money determines our wealth.

I'm telling about about the biggest secret to money, but I didn’t create it. I found this secret in Living Boujee & Balanced. Raquel wrote Living Boujee & Balanced because she wants us to understand that:

  1. We have a money mindset and

  2. We can control our money mindsets.

Living Boujee & Balanced is the best book for women who want to budget, save, and invest.

And it's not even a long book! Living Boujee & Balanced is less than 150 pages, with activities and questions to help us understand our money mindsets. It’s right there, just waiting for us.

This biggest secret to money is printed in blank ink and published, but we are missing it.

We overlook our money mindsets because the topic is uncomfortable, or we don’t have time, or we don’t know why our money mindsets are important.

Let’s add one more excuse:

"Raquel is the Boujee Banker. OF COURSE, she understands money because she's a banker. This won't work for me."

I'm sorry, sis. None of that is true.

We do not have to be bankers to become wealthy.

Raquel understands money because she studied money and enjoys working in banks. Raquel understands money because she's constantly learning about money. Raquel wrote a book about our money mindsets because she wanted you to read it and learn more.

We don't have to become a banker to understand money.

We have a financial bestie (The Boujee Banker!) who is pushing us to keep learning. Raquel wrote Living Boujee & Balanced so that WE can win with money. Raquel took her passion for finances and created Boujee & Balanced (this website and blog) to share her experience with us.

We have to keep learning about money and getting uncomfortable to change our money mindsets.

Changing our mindset isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but a process that we can follow.

The first step: keep reading this blog. I’m challenged each time I write about our money mindsets and study a new financial topic. Each blog is a reminder that my interactions with money are important.

I hope you’re also learning that you can control your interactions with money.

The second step: buy and read Living Boujee & Balanced. The book is full of lessons and activities to help us gain control over our money mindset.

Keep taking steps to control your daily interactions with money.

Let me know what you'll do this week to change your daily interactions with money.


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Alexandra Stynchula
Alexandra Stynchula
Jan 18, 2022

Yes!!! The book is amazing and will literally change the way you think about money! I didn’t realize how subconsciously I was dealing with money and how my parents dealt with money affected me! I’m beyond grateful for that money mindset process, to acknowledge and release those emotions and change those habits truly changed my life!! Now I’m living Boujee on a Budget!!!! 👑

Kyla Denanyoh
Kyla Denanyoh
Jan 18, 2022
Replying to

Very true. The book is great.

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