Ready To Get Started In Stock Market Investing?

Investing Stocks 101.png

Your Bestie is here to show you how it's done the Boujee way! 

You Will Learn: 

  • Stock Terminology

  • Fundamental Analysis of the market 

  • Technical Analysis 101  Basic Market structure to get you going!  

  • Trustworthy Brokerage Firms 

  • Walkthrough of how to open a self managed portfolio 

  • How to properly enter into a buy

  • When to sell

  • How to sell 

  • Taxes with stocks investing 

  • If stock investing isn't for you…..then what options are available

  • and more!

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Meet Your Instructor

"I have been investing since 2016!"

I'm a prior banker who became an international finance and business coach. I have helped women all over the world repair their relationships with money and build a business they love. Whether it's learning to budget, save, invest, or build a successful online coaching business I am here to help! 

I began helping others learn to budget, save, and invest their money. However, It wasn't until I became  a banker, that I gained a true understanding for how serious the financial literacy crisis is within our communities. There are so many people living negative paycheck to negative paycheck. It was at this point that I realized, I can't just preach to people about the importance of investing...when they do not have anything to invest.



Qiana A.

Yes God Bless you girl because the energy and the knowledge was WAYYYYY more than any other stock class I've been in.


Janice A.

First time I've ever understood this much. I would I neeeeed coaching. I absolutely want to improve my relationship with money and understand my finacnes

Kayrol L.

I've taken a 3-day course with online training academy, which was great, but  you simplified and I have 10000%  better understanding than before. I can invest with intention now instead of following what people say.

This Course Includes