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Living Boujee & Balanced Blog: Who, What, When, Why and YAY!

Welcome to the Living Boujee & Balanced Blog.

Hey y'all! I am Kyla Denanyoh and I'm excited to be here because I love personal finance and writing.

I've loved to write since I was a little girl. I would write letters to my mama when I got in trouble or put notes in my brother's shoes and explain why I pushed them/ bossed them around/ whatever.

Then, I had a law professor say that "words are the currency of a lawyer" and hello! This is a full circle moment for me because I am a lawyer (!) and I get to use my writing and research skills to work with Boujee & Balanced.

Now that you know more about me, let's talk about why Raquel wanted a blog.

Raquel is passionate about helping women learn to budget, save, and invest. Those three small words can impact a LOT of things in our lives and cause a lot of stress. I mean, I try to follow my budget and want to save money, but what about the other stuff?

I usually feel unprepared for most money situations and conversations.

Lately, all I hear is that women make less money than everyone, women are overeducated, women can't negotiate, women are overworked, we get the worst interest rates, and so on and so on. And these stories are even worse for Black women.

So how do we learn to succeed with money? How do we begin to save? How can we learn to negotiate at work? Raquel has already laid out the game plan for us to follow and master our money mindset.

Raquel is a woman, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a banker, has opened businesses, has lost a business. But most importantly, Raquel is being honest with us about the ups and downs of managing our money mindset and achieving our financial goals.

The Living Boujee & Balanced Blog is a place to learn, share, laugh and connect with each other.

With each blog, you learn more about me as I write about topics that fit the Boujee & Balanced theme. Raquel wants the blog to be a place where we can share with each other. Commenting on the blog, share your opinion, suggest topics and be your boujee self.

The Living Boujee & Balanced Blog is the place for you to ask questions, be scared/ nervous/ anxious/ all the things, as long as you are living boujee and balanced.

The blog can be used along with the accountability coaches, Living Boujee & Balanced book, and Raquel's freebies to help us master our money mindsets. Raquel is unapologetic about her mission to teach women.

Boujee & Balanced is woman founded, women led, and here to encourage women to budget, save, and invest. And I get to write for the Living Boujee & Balanced Blog and amplify Raquel's mission. How cool is that?

The blog is officially launched.

Boom, you are reading history in the making! New blog articles are released every Sunday so set an alarm, join the email list, do all the things to be prepared to visit and read the blog.

If you haven't noticed, I am a big fan of Raquel.

I am constantly learning from Raquel and I follow her on everything (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest… by the way, y’all should be following her too). I am becoming boujee-er everyday and you can read the blog to learn new Boujee & Balanced concepts.

So, that's it for this introduction.

Thank you for reading this blog (the first blog!). In the comments, let me know how you found The Boujee Banker.

Until next week,



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