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Nani Enukidze

Project Management

Hello, my name is Nani Enukidze. I’m a 22 years old MBA student from Georgia, a small country in Europe.

I have completed my bachelor’s degree in business in 2020. Studying foundations of business for four years has helped me develop a deeper theoretical understanding of finances, marketing, and management, although I didn’t stop just there. Being pretty diverse in my interests, I’ve also studied wine-making for two years, and later in life, when Covid hit the world, I developed a small line-art business, which helped me translate my hobby into an income-generating process. Currently, in hopes of pursuing finances, I’m doing my Master’s degree in Business Administration at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.

During searching for new opportunities, I’ve come across BB Enterprises, which has granted me a mesmerizing opportunity to work remotely in the US and have a meaningful experience in my financial career. Most importantly, while being in two countries at once, what unites me with BB Enterprises and Raquel is the alignment and harmony of our vision in the work environment.

Throughout my life journey, what I value the most is the ability and will for trying out new things in life, especially when you’re in your early twenties like me and are actively striving for developing the best version of yourself. I have been a part of the marketing team; I’ve been an artist and a blogger and now, with the help of Raquel, I have the ability to work in finances and further pursue my love for counting numbers. I’m grateful for having such a diverse experience with my career, as while enjoying the process of creative flow, I have a love for the analytical field as well.

As I’ve mentioned before, searching for yourself is the most important process you can go through. However, doing so sometimes might feel like levitating but never landing. That’s why during chasing your dreams, having a strong anchor you can rely on can act as a shield, protecting you and giving you stability during your creative-productive chaos. That is why I feel pride in working with Raquel at BB Enterprises. While having a fulfilling experience of helping people budget their way to success, she’s offering others the anchor of financial stability, which in my opinion is the strongest foundation one can set towards their financial freedom.

I am grateful to be a part of the process where I can contribute my financial knowledge towards helping other people secure their way towards stability and giving them the possibility to navigate through opportunities while maintaining balance with their everyday life.


Nani Enukidze
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