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Kyla Denanyoh

Executive Content Curator

Hey y’all! My name is Kyla Denanyoh. I have a background in law and worked in intellectual property for six years. Intellectual property is a fancy way of saying I helped companies protect their names, their brands, and online sales. Although I was using my degree, writing all day (and night) was the only thing I enjoyed about being a lawyer. I decided to leave law and follow my true passion of writing and creating content with Be Boujee Enterprises LLC.

I am happy to work with Raquel because I understand how money can impact everything. I needed money to apply to law school and money to move 1,500 miles away for law school. I needed money to pay for housing until school started and money for gasoline to drive to law school. Oh, and I needed money to print the loan paperwork to pay for school.

Although I know the basics of budgeting, when I started following Raquel on social media, I started to excel with money. I learned to save for my daughter’s retirement and become accountable for my financial decisions. I am shocked by Raquel’s willingness to share her knowledge with other women. Raquel is not securing the bag while the rest of us are struggling; Raquel is showing all of us how to get matching bags and I am here for it.

The lessons I learn from Raquel make me feel included. Law school didn’t teach me to save money and my friends and I do not discuss our spending habits. Raquel is talking about these things and as the content curator, I will share Raquel’s passion and financial tools with you.

I am excited to work with Raquel to help women win with money. Raquel has the knowledge and the degrees (i.e. the receipts) to back up everything that she teaches, so let’s Be Boujee.

Kyla Denanyoh
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