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Investing: Forex 101

A deep look into the introduction of the foreign exchange market.

  • 97 US dollars
  • Online Class

Service Description

You will learn: -Understanding Forex Basics: We'll begin with an introduction to the Forex market, exploring its significance, size, and how it works. -Currency Pairs Demystified: Learn about currency pairs, how they are quoted, and their role in Forex trading. -Opening a Trading Account: Discover the steps to open a trading account, choose a reputable broker, and understand the differences between demo and live accounts. -Leverage and Risk: Understand the concept of leverage and its associated risks and benefits, including how it can amplify your trading potential. -Reading Forex Quotes: Decode Forex quotes, learn the significance of the bid and ask price, and get familiar with the spread. -Market Participants: Gain insights into the various players in the Forex market, from central banks to retail traders. -Basic Analysis: Explore the fundamentals of fundamental and technical analysis, including the use of economic indicators and charts. -Risk Management: Learn how to mitigate risk in your trades by setting stop-loss and take-profit orders and maintaining a healthy risk-reward ratio. -Demo Trading: Get hands-on experience with demo trading accounts, and discover useful resources and tools for learning. -Interactive Q&A: Have your questions answered by the instructor during a dedicated Q&A session. -Additional Resources: We'll provide you with recommended resources to further your Forex trading education.

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Online Based Atlanta, GA, USA

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