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Two Things You Need to Accomplish Any Goal

I have a lot of goals. Big goals like paying my car insurance in full and small goals like drinking water every day.

Goals don't have to be these big, fancy ideas.

Goals like building a dream house or winning the lottery are incredible, but these aren’t the only goals that matter.

I’ve set a LOT of goals for myself. I have goals posted on my bathroom mirror and on the fridge. I also have goals are on my cell phone. They’re in to-do list apps, meeting reminders, notes, and email drafts.

The dictionary says that a goal is an aim or objective that you want to accomplish through effort.

Goals are easy to set and harder to accomplish.

Why do we create goals and have a hard time accomplishing them? Because we don’t know why we want to complete these goals and we do not have completion dates set for the goals.

The effort needed to complete every goal is simple: know the reason for the goal and set a completion date for the goal.

First, to accomplish a goal we must know our reason for setting this goal. This is best explained through a quick example.

Earlier, I gave the example of paying my car insurance in full. This is an important goal because I’ve always had old cars that needed repairs and had a lot of random expenses.

Paying my car insurance for the year would eliminate one monthly bill, one more reason to think about my car, one thing that causes me a lot of stress. That one goal would give me a lot of peace.

This is a cool goal. You might agree with it or think it’s silly. The beauty of a goal is that the goal is personal to you.

A goal is an aim that YOU want to accomplish.

Now, let me tell you how long I’ve had the goal of paying my car insurance for the year…

At least seven years. Why? Because I haven’t set a completion date for this goal.

Every goal should have a completion date.

When we don’t set a completion date, we’ll ignore our goals. Not because the goal doesn't matter, but because we are busy.

There are a lot of things fighting for our attention. Working, cooking, grocery shopping, watching TV, etc. Whatever it is, it needed to be done immediately and it pushed out goal out of the way.

There are millions of things that will distract us from our goals.

But the completion date adds urgency to the goal and makes us more likely to complete the goal. When we set a completion date for our goals, we will hold ourselves accountable to complete the goal.

To get technical, the American Society of Training and Development studied accountability. Those smart people said that we’ll increase our chances of success up to 95% when we’re held accountable. Sis, a 95% chance of success… yes!

We must hold ourselves accountable for our goals if we want to complete them.

If you’re like me and need help holding yourself accountable, then grab some freebies. Seriously, Raquel has free resources for us to download and hold ourselves accountable for our financial goals.

You can find worksheets for creating a budget, managing your gas money, and a digital copy of the entire Rich Dad, Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki. All of that is waiting for you on the website. Take a look!

And the resources are free. Like free.99.

You’ll need to add your name and email address to get lifetime access to the Boujee & Balanced Resource Vault but that it is. So, let’s set the goal to download the resources. The reason why is that the resources will help us manage our finances better. The completion date of accomplishing the goal is by next Sunday.

In the comments, let me know if you have sticky notes all over your house too.

See you next week, Kyla

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Kyla Denanyoh
Kyla Denanyoh
Feb 06, 2022

Yes! I love those mini reminders.


Syderia Alston
Syderia Alston
Feb 06, 2022

Yesss I have sticky notes, pictures , words of affirmation and my goals all over my house .

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