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The Best Way To Understand Money

The best way to understand money is to study money. To spend time around people who understand money and learn from them. Watching people who have a budget and follow their budgets is a great way to learn.

And you already know who I am talking about... our financial bestie Raquel.

Raquel is a great person to watch and learn from because she enjoys her life, follows her budget, and balances her boujee.

Last month, Raquel tested different content and emails to see what works best. Do we respond to blogs? Do we enjoy emails? Are IG Lives better?

And guess what Raquel found out?

Podcasts and videos are the best ways for us to learn about money.

We can hear directly from Raquel while listening to a podcast. Update our budgets while Raquel gives tips about budgeting, saving accounts, and investing.

Watching a YouTube video is the best way to understand money. We can watch Raquel explain different things, definitions will appear on screen… all the fancy things that help us learn.

Last week, Raquel sent emails about the Living Boujee & Balanced podcast and The Boujee Banker YouTube channel. If you missed those emails, sign up for the email list here to get updates about Boujee & Balanced and Raquel.

This is the last Living Boujee & Balanced blog.

We've had a lot of fun with the blog and I’m staying around to help Raquel teach women to budget, save, and invest money through her podcast and YouTube channel.

I appreciate all the love, comments, and likes that y'all gave the blog. My goal was to bring attention to Raquel's words and vision for Boujee & Balanced.

Let’s take this same energy to the Living Boujee & Balanced podcast and The Boujee Banker YouTube channel. Use the links below to subscribe to the podcast and YouTube channel.

I’ll see you over there.


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