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Quit Being a Quitter

Have you ever made plans with someone, only for them to cancel the day before you were supposed to meet?

Or worse, they back out of the plans an hour after you make them?

Fickle friends are frustrating because they never do what they say they will, but you cannot stop yourself from inviting them to join you. Well, let me tell you that they never planned to keep those plans. I know this because I was that fickle friend.

I would agree to attend brunch, dinner, road trips, whatever sounded like fun because you asked me to go. I wanted to be a good friend. But reality kicked in and I looked at my wallet and I knew my plans included doing nothing and staying home.

Backing out of plans is not fun, but what was my option? I couldn't explain that I didn't have gas money, my credit card was maxed out, and I was too broke to pay attention.

No, I backed out of the plans because I couldn't tell my friends the truth about my money. I was fickle because my money was the same way. My money mindset hadn't changed because I had no idea that I had a money mindset. Read this blog to understand that you have a money mindset.

The most important way to change our financial situations is to change our money mindsets.

We must complete the tasks when we commit to doing something. We must cheer for ourselves. We must encourage ourselves to keep going. And when we need help, we read Living Boujee & Balanced and understand our money mindsets.

In the book, Living Boujee & Balanced, Raquel explains that we have two options for achieving our financial goals.

Will we keep working towards our financial goals or quit?

Stay or go? Follow our budgets or ignore them? I do not ask these questions easily. I mean... I know we don't call ourselves quitters. We just get tired. We have difficulty with committing all the time. We quit an activity before it is completed because... we... are... quitters.

The easiest way to stop being a quitter is to stop negotiating with yourself.

Tell yourself that you will learn to budget. Period.

Once you have a budget, you will follow your budget. Period.

When you get uncomfortable, you will remember your financial goals. Period.

This topic is uncomfortable and we will be uncomfortable while changing our money mindsets. But we are not alone in this journey. I am learning to master my money mindset too. We have a community of people reading Living Boujee & Balanced and learning to master their money mindsets too. We have Raquel, The Boujee Banker herself, who wants us to commit to our financial goals. Raquel wants us to get official.

Raquel wants us to sign an agreement to stick to our money plan.

Oh, you don't believe me? There is an actual agreement in Living Boujee & Balanced (page 32 for those who like receipts) and Raquel encourages us to write down

  1. that you will be honest with yourself and

  2. have a witness sign the agreement.

These small, but mighty, activities will hold us accountable for our actions and push us to achieve our financial goals.

Raquel pushes us to think about money differently. To react differently when we have money and create a plan to save money. To be honest about our financial journeys because our finances impact our lives.

We have to put in the work, read Living Boujee & Balanced, and understand our money mindsets.

Changing our money mindsets will not happen overnight, but it will happen. And when things become difficult, instead of quitting, we can read Living Boujee & Balanced and keep going. Keep learning and understanding money and mastering our money mindsets.

A written agreement is something a financial bestie would do. It is something Raquel has created for us.

What will you commit to in 2022?

I'll start!

I will commit to reading the blog next week.


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