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About the Course

Stock Terminology

Fundamental Analysis of the market

Technical Analysis 101 Basic Market structure to get you going!

Trustworthy Brokerage Firms

Walkthrough of how to open a self managed portfolio

How to properly enter into a buy

When to sell

How to sell

Taxes with stocks investing

If stock investing isn't for you…..then what options are available

and more!

Your Instructor

The Boujee Banker

Raquel Curtis, MBA "The Boujee Banker" is a prior banker who became an international finance and business coach. She has helped women all over the world repair their relationships with money and build a business they love. Whether it's learning to budget, save, invest, or build a successful online coaching business she is here to help! Read her full bio and learn how this mom of 3 went from pandemic displaced to international finance and business success coach

The Boujee Banker
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