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2 Hours


About the Course

You Will Learn:
-What is credit
-Why healthy credit is important
-The components of your credit score
-How to build new credit
-How to repair your credit
-How to dispute inaccuracies
-Hard inquiries and soft inquiries
-How to Cease collection phone calls
-Removing Late payments
-How to use Goodwill letters
-How to remove Charge-offs
-How to remove Collections
-How to remove Bankruptcy
-How to remove Evictions
-E-Oscar system
-Chex System
-Tools & Resources

Your Instructor

The Boujee Banker

Raquel Curtis, MBA "The Boujee Banker" is a prior banker who became an international finance and business coach. She has helped women all over the world repair their relationships with money and build a business they love. Whether it's learning to budget, save, invest, or build a successful online coaching business she is here to help! Read her full bio and learn how this mom of 3 went from pandemic displaced to international finance and business success coach.

The Boujee Banker
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