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Branding Your Desired Business 

Save time and ease the stress of branding your business with the

2021  AnchorD Business Branding Workbook

This workbook is an interactive guide to help you gain clarity on the brand you desire to have. 

Exclusive 2021

Business Branding Workbook


 " I’m in the process of starting a business and branding myself, so it was very important for me to connect with someone who was knowledgeable and professional in the areas of social media, marketing and branding. I was given Coach RC’s information through the recommendation of several people that I know, like and trust in business. |....| She is worth every penny and her knowledge is more valuable than rubies. I could go on and on..but I’m sure the point is clear..if you want to succeed in business and need direction, she’s your Go to Girl."

Angela De la Vega 

Life Coach 

What you get inside the 

AnchorD Business Branding Workbook

workbook sample small pic.png

Guided Instruction of

branding practices designed to help you!


  • Interactive questions geared to make you think seriously about how you want your brand represented.

  • Psychology of Branding and Who you are within your brand

Better results from

your branding efforts:

  • Gain clarification of the brand you want to relay to your audience.

  • Increase branding knowledge and its purpose within your business and how it will effectively impact the potential growth of it. 


Less stress and a more

directed path in your business. Most have felt a confusion weight lifted of their shoulders with responses like:

"Very easy to follow and to the point"

"Personable, felt as if I was getting help from someone I've known for years"

"Made a significant difference in what I thought branding was"

Exclusive access into a community of AnchorD EntrepreneuHERs:


  • Business Tips

  • Business Coaching

  • Q & A Sessions with Successful Female Entrepreneurs 

  • Accountability

  • Branding Assistance 

  • and more...

Want to See an



Here is a quick glance into The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook. You will be guided during your though the thought process of how to properly brand your business. 


Learn from a  5 star rated business coach with nearly 10 years in entrepreneurship experience 


When creating your business all by yourself there things that you can miss. I have taken the tools and tips from Coach Raquel and I’m so excited about the information that was provided.. |...|


I’ve taken many other courses for very high prices and they were not as informative and insightful and beneficial as this. I am so grateful I was able to connect with her and to receive such awesome and insightful business tools. These tools will allow me to create a detailed business plan to successfully jumpstart my business. Coach RC has many tools that will allow you to succeed in social media and I highly recommend her over and over again. 

Jacinta Council

CEO of Just Fab 

Get INSTANT Access to the

2019 AnchorD Business Branding Workbook Now

New Business Owner Value Guarantee 


Who created the AnchorD brand?


My name is Raquel Curtis and I'm a professional marketing strategist and branding coach. I began this journey nearly 12 years ago opening a daycare and later a women's only gym with childcare in Covington, ga.


This journey did not come easy, I was not handed a guideline to entrepreneurial success. I had to figure it out. Over the years, I've assisted many businesses and grew to love helping other entrepreneurs in their journey.


I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls, a day trader, and business coach. I have been featured on-air in Atlanta, ga and South Africa. Also, speaking on university and business platforms such as Savannah State University and cooperate conferences/events. 

Over the years I have studied what works in branding. Without overwhelming new/aspiring entrepreneurs, I have developed this workbook to help get you started and gain a clear vision for your brand. 

Happy Branding,

Listen, I am a mompernuer like many of you ladies out there. I understand that purchasing a digital product can sometimes be unsettling. You work hard for your money and deserve quality when you spend it. 

I am extremely proud of this workbook and I know that it will help the new/aspiring entrepreneur find clarity and direction in the branding of their business. 

That is why I am backing the 2021 AnchorD Business Branding Workbook with a 100% value guarantee for new/aspiring business owners. While I cannot promise that you will make tons of money straight away. I can promise that you will find guidance in your business ownership journey and be plugged in to a growing private community of other women on similar paths. I can also guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the workbook and that it will save you time and stress in identifying your brand identity. 

If within 7 days of purchase you are not happy with the 2021 AnchorD Business Branding Workbook  I will personally work with you during a 1 on 1 complimentary  30 minute master mind session.

  • Can I see an example of what is inside The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook
    Ofcourse! Below is a screenshot of a page within the workbook. Keep in mind, this is just a glimpse. We can not give-a-way all the goods within the workbook.
  • Is The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook geared towards a specific type of business?
    No, The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook was created to help all new/aspiring business owners develop clarity and guidance in understadning the type of brand they would like to have for thier specific business.
  • "Are refunds issued for The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook?""
    Do to the digital nature of this product, there are no monetray refunds that will be issued for "The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook" or any other digital product produced by Royal Wealth Investments LLC and its affiliates. Please, address addtional questions with so that, if there is any issue. it may be resolved.
  • Are men able to purchase The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook
    Yes! While AnchorD is geared towards a female demographic, we do not discriminate based on age, gender, religion, color, ect. Come one, come all. There is nothing but, love and business abundance here.
  • Will The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook be okay for people who live outsdie the U.S.
    This workbook can be printed out and used by anyone. At the current moment The AnchorD Business Branding Workbook is only offered in English, but, we are working on having it avalible in Spanish and Manderin as well.

Get INSTANT Access to the

2021 AnchorD Business Branding Workbook Now

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