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Boujee & Balanced University was created to help women just like you, save thousands of dollars, pay down debts, and improve their credit scores by finding clarity and gaining control over their money.

Come Grow With Us!

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Right now, you're here because you:

 Make great money and are tired of having little show for it.
Need direction and clarity over your finances.
Want to hit a savings goal.
Want a clear debt repayment plan and/or
Want to join a strong community of like minded women on the same journey of financial freedom.

Our program was created to help you navigate through your financial journey with our coursework, coaching sessions, accountability calls, 1 on 1 support, and surrounding you with a community of women who are all on the same journey.  

Hear From The BBU Coaches who've grown from the
community and now help others succeed! 

We asked around and recent graduates said that being held accountable to their journey is better than having all the perks we mentioned. In fact, the American Society of Training and Development studied accountability and found that you will increase your chance of success by up to 95% when being held accountable! That's why BBU has a team of accountability coaches who are ready to assist you in your journey and provide you with weekly check-ins!

Let's Compare!

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Hear From Some Of The Besties! 

It's time you stopped going at your financial journey alone and join a community of like-minded women with coaches there to support you! 

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